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Volume I

The Three Incarnates

Caitlyn Rinn is a self-described genius with computers who is about to start her freshman year at Columbia when she receives the opportunity of a lifetime: to work for Dr. Ignacio Mendoza as an admin for his next-level quantum computer. But she discovers that the reclusively eccentric doctor is more of a mad scientist than the computing pioneer she believed him to be, and she observes several weird things that make her wonder just what she has gotten herself into. Then Dr. Mendoza's granddaughter Shannon, and her friend Hiroshi arrive to also stay with the doctor as they prepare to also start at Columbia. Shannon dares to go where Caitlyn never would, into the doctor's lab, where they encounter a glowing orb of blue flame that will change them and their lives forever.

What have Caitlyn, Hiroshi, and Shannon become? What was the orb they found in Dr. Mendoza's lab? What is the nexus of all things? And what is the grave threat to mankind that has been driving Dr. Mendoza's research all these years?

You will have to read to find out. Guardians of the Nexus will be available soon!

Coming Soon!

Volume II

The Wrath of Agamemnon

Caitlyn and the rest uncover the location of the Vandaar Emperor Immortal's flagship, "The Wrath of Agamemnon." But they must race against Evelyn and the Arkanians in order to claim it. Once they arrive on the ship, they discover a tribe of primitive Vandaar and they make a startling discovery about the identity of Agamemnon's heir.

Can Caitlyn unite the hierarch houses behind the new heir? Can she convince them to launch a counterattack to free earth prime from the Arkanian stranglehold? And what has happened on earth since the Arkanian conquest?

You will have to read to find out. Guardians of the Nexus will be available soon!

Coming Soon!

Volume III

The Day Earth Died

With the hierach houses united behind them, Caitlyn, Dr. Mendoza, and the rest launch their counterattack on earth prime to free it from the tyranny of the Arkanians, putting Caitlyn on a direct path of confrontation with Lady Morvannon and her minion, Malice.

But Lady Morvannon has concocted a fiendish scheme to enact a ritual which will sacrifice the entire population of earth prime, and she nabs Dr. Mendoza, Shannon, Hiroshi, Master Tal, and May as offerings to make the ritual happen.

Can Caitlyn rush to the rescue in time to prevent the death of all life on earth? Can the hierarch houses defeat the Arkanian army and set mankind free again? and what happened to the nexus of all things?

How will all of this play out? You will have to read to find out. Guardians of the Nexus will be available soon!

Coming Soon!
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