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Freeworlds Chronicles: Overview

It is the 16,647th year of the Interstellar Age, and mankind now lives out amongst the stars. In many ways, the drive to the future has cost us dearly; we have become a people without a past. Lost in the shifting mists of time are our identity, our history, and even the location of our homeworld. But we are not alone in the galaxy. We have discovered a vibrant community teeming with interstellar life, and not all of it friendly.

Mankind's new home is in the Elas system, on New Aegis, a world of endless skyscrapers, high-rises, and hovercars which speed through the sky in orderly lines toward their destinations. New Aegis is also the capital of the United Freeworlds, a republic of 6,500 member worlds, which has risen to become the power in the galaxy. But that ascendency did not come without a cost. Lying in the forgotten wreckage of two Great Interstellar Wars is the Ilmorian Empire; a vast powerhouse of authoritarian control and hegemony. Today, it's universally accepted that the Ilmorians are exctinct, and their empire gone forever in the the wake of the two great wars, and the Ilmorian Dynastic Wars that followed. Certainly, nobody has seen an Ilmorian for over a hundred years, so it's difficult to disagree, but the widespread suffering and tribulation of those two great wars still gives many cause for concern.

There are those within the republic that have a special affinity to aether, a strange, unpredictable element thought to be alien to this universe, but one that flows like energy within and throughout it, nonetheless. These special humanoids are able to access parts of themselves that are locked away from the rest of us; we call them psions, and they serve the republic as warriors and protectors in the Galactic Psi-Corps. They can be mysterious, even aloof, but when trouble arises, it seems that the Psi-Corps is just about always first on the scene. Always watchful... always vigilant.... always ready to protect the republic from it's enemies... even from itself.
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