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Category: RPGs : Prowlers & Paragons : 
Author: Brett Baker (12:36 pm)
The Waiting Room Edition of Prowlers & Paragons is available now on Drive-Thru RPG. Check it out for epic superhero action and big handfuls of dice!
Prowlers & Paragons Waiting Room Edition
Category: RPGs : Prowlers & Paragons : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:18 am)
So I have put my other projects on hold while I work on not one, but two settings for the Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition, a superhero tabletop RPG that that Kickstartered in March and is pending release by the end of the year.

The first project is based on superhero anime series like My Hero Academia and One-Punch Man. It's called "Way of the Hero: Myounamizu City." It is mostly done at this point, except for a few finishing touches.

The second is called "Age of Pulp," and I am co-authoring it with Scott Crosson. Age of Pulp is based on the pulp comics and series of the 1930s, stuff like Flash Gordon and Doc Savage, so instead of superheroes running around, you have costumed detectives and masked mystery men.

I'm very excited for the opportunity to be able to create these settings, and I hope the growing P&P community enjoys them.
Category: RPGs : Prowlers & Paragons : 
Author: Brett Baker (7:01 pm)
As of this writing, the Prowlers & Paragons Kickstarter is 6 days in, and has $20,521 of the $28,000 goal. Help my friends at Evil Beagle Games get this great project funded, and get a super-fun superhero tabletop RPG in the process!

Category: RPGs : Prowlers & Paragons : 
Author: Brett Baker (6:54 pm)

The Prowlers & Paragons kickstarter launched this morning, and has raised over $8000 in less than 8 hours. If you play tabletops and/or like superheroes this is the game for you. Click below to check it out!

Category: RPGs : Prowlers & Paragons : 
Author: Brett Baker (6:53 pm)
So my friends over at Evil Beagle Games are launching their Kickstarter tomorrow for Prowlers & Paragons, a superhero RPG. I want this game to be successful, first because I am friends with several members of their leadership team, second because it's an absolutely fun tabletop RPG (I've been playing in a campaign since August, or September,) and third because if it is successful, I will get to write an Anime and Giant Mecha v. Giant Kaiju sourcebook for the game. If you're into RPGs, superheroes, or even Anime, check out the kickstarter!


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