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Category: Books : Twilight Realms Online : 
Author: Brett Baker (3:20 pm)
Recently, I said that I would be working on Song of the Multiverse Vol II: Allegro of War next, followed by Vol II of the Neamhain Prophecy, titled Apotheosis. I'm also going to begin editing Vol I of a Game Lit series I wrote in 2018 called Twilight Realms Online. Here is the back cover matter from Volume I which will be titled Cataclysm.

Ever play video games? What happens when you fall asleep and awaken inside the game and you don't know whether what's happening around you is real or if it's a dream? That's what happens to Kale Blackthorne, an accomplished endgame player in the massively multiplayer online game, Twilight Realms Online.

Blackthorne, along with his friends Pascal and Zoe Sandoval must navigate the chaos as thousands of players find themselves trapped inside the game and unable to log out. Whether a dream or real, they will have to get to the bottom of what happened to understand what caused this sudden change in their beloved game and led to the event known as "the cataclysm;" an event which will leave Ouroboros and Tír na nÓg forever changed. Will they be able to piece it all together and fix whatever went wrong so that they can either wake up or go home?

So that is basically 3 books I am hoping to have out by the end of the year. With the "speed" of my proofreading we will see how successful I can be at that. Wish me luck!

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