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Category: Books : The Neamhain Prophecy : 
Author: Brett Baker (10:18 am)
I am pleased to announce the release of "The Neamhain Prophecy. Vol I: Ascension. This book is a lot of firsts for me. The first book in the first series I have written that is open-ended (meaning I don't know how many volumes there are going to be,) the first book I have written with multiple protagonists and multiple POVs, the first book and series I have written for the paranormal/urban fantasy genre, and The first series I have written that is LGBTQ friendly. I hope you will check it out.

Amazon (Paperback) | Kindle
Category: Books : The Neamhain Prophecy : 
Author: Brett Baker (2:54 pm)

Big news!: This is the cover reveal for my upcoming novel Ascension, the first volume in an open-ended paranormal/urban fantasy series about gods making their way in the modern world. The cover art was done by the incomparable Chaz Kemp.
Category: Books : The Neamhain Prophecy : 
Author: Brett Baker (6:27 pm)
So I have a new series coming out soon called the Neamhain Prophecy. Volume I, called Ascension tells the story of Zoe and Liam Fairchild, who discover they are the children of gods. Naturally this means they are gods themselves, but their divinity has to be awakened by immersing themselves in the Well of Eternity. And that's just the start of their adventures. By the end of Volume I these two godlings are guaranteed to turn reality upside-down.

So keep an eye out. The Neamhain Prophecy, Volume I: Ascension will be coming soon, and will be followed shortly after by Song of the Multiverse, Volume II: Allegro of War.

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