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Category: Other Stuff : 
Author: Brett Baker (4:33 pm)
Just a little Epic Rap Battles of History to brighten everybody's day.

Category: Other Stuff : 
Author: Brett Baker (4:19 pm)
Today, UCLA renews it's rivalry with the USC Trojans (BOO!) Right now they're up 24-20 in the 3rd quarter. Go Bruins!
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (3:43 am)
Just finished writing on Volume IV: Riddle of the Ancients. Now to spend the next 3 and a half weeks on rewrites for Volume II before shipping it off to Jessi for the final proof.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (7:05 pm)
The Following Freeworlds Chronicles releases are coming up in the next 60 days. Mark your calendars!

Nov 15-Dec 15: The Initiate's Crucible, print edition (depending on the Library of Congress's processing speed.)
Dec 31 - The Initiate's Crucible, iPad and Nook Editions.
Jan 1 - Master of Oceania, Kindle, iPad, and Nook Editions.

In the meantime, you can purchase The Initate's Crucible, Kindle Edition here.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (6:48 pm)
From Chapter 1, Abby and Qaeli encounter Thomas Genovese:
Then a server-bot appeared with a tray of pink frozen drinks in exotically-shaped glasses, and placed them one before each of them.
“Excuse me,” Qaeli said in a correcting tone, “we didn’t order drinks.”
“Virgin daiquiris,” the server-bot explained, “courtesy of Mr. Genovese.”
Abby and Qaeli turned and looked across the room, as Genovese lifted a glass of some brown alcaholic beverage and smiled at them. They had apparently gained the attention of the rest of the table as well; Genovese’s men glared at them threateningly.
“Oh, he’s a smooth one,” Qaeli said, her eyes narrowing, but then Abby rose from the table.
“Where are you going!?” Qaeli hissed.
“Easy, Qaeli,” Abby replied, a defiant flame burning in her green eyes. “I’m just going to thank the gentleman for the drinks.”
“Bad Idea Abby!” Qaeli hissed again as Abby walked past her, then, Qaeli got up and followed her across the room.
“So,” Genovese began as Abby and Qaeli approached the table. “What brings the Psi-Corps to my little corner of the republic?”
“We’re tracking an illegal shipment of psionic dampeners from the Galactic Rim,” Abby replied, her green eyes narrowing on Genovese. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you?”
“I’m a businessman, and psionic dampeners are illegal tech,” Genovese replied. “What could I possibly want with such an item?”
The thought occurred to Abby that she could reach out and pull the information she needed from Genovese’s mind….
“I see that look in your eye,” Genovese said to Abby. “I warn you not to try it. Some people’s minds, are not nice places.”
“Abby don’t,” Qaeli warned, her hand appearing on Abby’s shoulder.
“You must be the famous Abby Ashford,” Genovese began, “the one who put down that uprising on Mentallos.”
“How did you hear about that?” Abby asked in a distrustful tone as she looked sideways at the gangster.
“Everybody heard about it. It was all over the holonet,” Genovese replied. “It’s reassuring to know that the Psi-Corps has sent it’s very best to deal with this little smuggling problem.”
Abby planted her hands firmly on the outer edge of the table and leaned in toward Genovese. His thugs reached uncomfortably under their jackets, but Genovese waved them off.
“I know that you’re somehow involved in that shipment!” Abby barked loudly, her eyes burning into Genovese. “Either you’re moving the dampeners for a buyer, or you have some use for them yourself!”
“You can’t prove anything,” Genovese replied with a confident smile as his brown eyes burned back into Abby’s.
“Not yet,” Abby conceded, as she stood back to her full height. “But it’s only a matter of time before you make a mistake, and when you do, I’ll be watching.”
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (7:17 pm)
As writing on Volume IV is nearly halfway done, and proofing on Volume II is progressing, I'm also starting to put time and thought into planning the later trilogy - Volumes V, VI, and VII.

This trilogy will take place three years after the events of the first trilogy. Volume V will be called "Crisis in Coriolanis", Volume VI will be "Portents and Preludes", and Volume VII will be "Day of Judgement."

These books should likely be released starting fall of next year, and stretching out into 2014.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (2:55 am)
I am planning to release Volume II: "Master of Oceania" in Amazon's Kindle Store, Apple's iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble's Nook Store on January 1st, 2013. A print edition will follow about six weeks later.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (1:21 pm)
As part of Amazon's KDP Select program, "The Initiate's Crucible" will be free on Amazon October 12th thru October 16th.

Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (10:21 pm)
I will be issuing a Print Edition (paperback) that will be available through Amazon, and issuing an updated version of the current Kindle Edition with improved formatting once the Library of Congress issues the LCCN that I'm waiting for. I'm estimating that it will be somewhere between mid-November and mid-December.

If you have already purchased the Kindle Edition, you should receive an email notification from Amazon, and be able to download the updated Kindle Edition from them at no charge. If not, then contact me directly, but I don't anticipate any issues, as Amazon has already written a lot of content about updates.

Nook and iPad Editions will be following on December 31.

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