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Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (9:09 pm)
Starting on March 23rd at 8am Pacific Time, The Initiate's Crucible will be on sale on Amazon for only $0.99 running through Midnight on March 30th. Don't miss out on a great story. Make sure to get your copy here.
Category: Books : Guardians of the Nexus : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:12 pm)
So I am working on a new Trilogy called "Guardians of the Nexus" telling the story of four college students, who through one mistake are transformed into living weapons and become embroiled in an ongoing conflict for the fate of the multiverse. Guardians of the Nexus will have 3 volumes:

Volume I: Bane's Gambit
Volume II: The Dread Incarnate
Volume III: The Day the Multiverse Died

Of course, with the glut of other novels I need to proof and publish (Freeworlds Chronicles 2nd Editions, Song of the Multiverse) there's no way I can estimate when these books will be available in print or digital formats. I really wanted to be working on getting those churned out but the inspiration for this project came to me toward the end of last year and the earlier part of this year, while I was writing "Song of the Multiverse" and you know, you've got to strike when the iron is hot. Nonetheless, I still hope you will consider reading them when they do become available.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (1:51 pm)
Starting at midnight tonight (not sure which timezone, Pacific I think?) the 2nd Edition of "The Initiate's Crucible" will be free for download on Amazon, running through midnight December 13th. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Hannukah!

You can download it here.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:45 am)
The revised 2nd Edition of "The Initiate's Crucible" has been released in both paperback and ebook formats. To celebrate the realease the ebook version of the book will be going on sale for just $0.99 (67% off the regular price of $2.99) starting at midnight and running through December 14th. Might make a nice virtual stocking stuffer for that Sci-Fi fan in your family.
Category: Books : 
Author: Brett Baker (12:16 am)
Being both a writer and a gamer, It's easy for me to get distracted from working on my books. That's part of the reason why it has taken me years to re-release the second edition of The Freeworlds Chronicles, because I keep getting sucked into playing various MMOs (mainly Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Final Fantasy XIV. They are the biggest culprits.)

But what has been happening lately, is the urge to get back to work on my books has built up in me. And today, I finally tore myself away from my MMO gaming addiction to edit. Not only do I have to re-edit the Freeworlds Chronicles, but I have a new double trilogy called Song of the Multiverse that needs to be edited as well. Work on all 10 books has already begun, but there is still much more work to do. For all intents and purposes the 2nd edition of The Initiate's Crucible is 100% complete and the 2nd edition of Master of Oceania is at 80%. It is my hope to release the 2nd edition of both books by December 31, while releasing the 2nd editions of Curse of the Corruptor, and Riddle of the Ancients in 2017. Then once this re-write has finally been completed I can get to work on Song of the Multiverse in earnest.

I will be working with Amazon Customer Service to push out the second edition to anybody that has purchased or downloaded the previous edition of my books at no charge. I believe that the 2nd editions will make for a much more enjoyable read as many of the problems with the first edition books have been fixed. If you read the books, I hope you will give them a second chance. If you haven't then give them a read. I can honestly say that these have become stories that I would enjoy reading myself.
Category: Books : Song of the Multiverse : 
Author: Brett Baker (4:10 pm)
Writing on the Song of the Multiverse is complete! Volume I is currently being proofed by my friend Tina Norman. In the coming months, I will be rewriting, and rewriting, and rewriting, and rewriting.... well you get the picture. At any rate, I would like to have this out in the fall, but we shall see. I learned from my mistakes with The Freeworlds Chronicles, and I'm not going to rush it this time.

So in order the Song of the Multiverse consists of:
Volume I: Adagio of Awakening
Volume II: Allegro of War
Volume III: Coda of Ascendence
Volume IV: Overture of Destiny
Volume V: Aria of Truth
Volume VI: Anthem of Hope

I hope you all will consider reading when the volumes are released. I had a lot of fun writing them, I hope they are just as enjoyable for you to read. Cheers!
Category: Books : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:06 am)
As I am in the process of finishing up the main storyline of the Song of the Multiverse saga, which will tell the story of the Halloran twins, a pair of girls who grew up in Chicago, and have their lives turned upside down when their dimension-hopping father suddenly comes back into their lives and shows them what a wierd place the multiverse really is, I feel the need to pause and reflect on the writing process.

Frankly I am amazed at how a book comes together. Admittedly, I usually only know only about a third of the book when I sit down to write it. I have the major points mentally mapped out, and as I start my story, I often need to pause between scenes to figure out what kind of scene I need to get to the next. And yet somehow, despite my story being mostly an unfinished work in my own mind, filled with blank spots, the story tells itself; first to me in my mind, and then I transcribe it into words on paper. This process gives me the feeling that I am looking into the lives of living characters who exist in a living world. I suppose most writers may feel that about their own work, but I wonder if most writers operate in the same way. In fact, I know from conversations with a good friend and fellow author who writes Historical Fiction that we don't. Some meticulously plan instead, writing detailed notes of every scene before they even begin the writing process.

While I will never say that that approach is any less correct (in fact, it may lead to a better crafted novel than my approach, who knows?) the fact is, I could never write that way. I write by my gut. There is intuition, and emotion involved, and for me a big part of the joy of writing is seeing that surprise scene that I never planned but completely nails it when it comes to explaining a character's motivation, or moving the story forward coming out on the page. I think myself and other authors who write like this need to tap into something somewhere that feeds us our inspiration. When I close my eyes and wonder what that something might be a picture of a swirling jumble of ideas fills my mind, but that might just be the product of my over-active imagination. At any rate, the fact that I can be surprised by my own story when it changes directions when I didn't expect it to is a big part of the joy of writing. I just have to be mindful that I don't meander, and that every scene that I write contributes to the story, and doesn't send me down a rabbit-trail. I hate rabbit-trails.

Anyway, that is a peek into my creative process. Truth-be-told, I don't even understand it entirely myself, but I am so very intrigued by it. I hope you will read and enjoy all 6 novels of the Song of the Multiverse when they come out (I'm about halfway through writing on Volume VI right now), and also give the 2nd Edition of the Freeworlds Chronicles a read. Vol I: The Initiates Crucible will be coming out very soon as it is 99% rewritten and ready to go.
Category: Books : Song of the Multiverse : 
Author: Brett Baker (9:05 pm)
Sometimes, despite our best efforts otherwise, the stories inside us just have to be told. While Song of the Multiverse Volume I: Adagio of Awakening was being beta-read by a few friends, I wanted to really put some time into finishing up the second edition of the Freeworlds Chronicles, (Vol I: The Initiate's Crucible is 99% there) but I just couldn't put off working on the second trilogy of Song of the Mutiverse any longer.

The next three books will feature Lexi as the main character as she navigates the intrigues and politics of the Courts of Chaos and eventually sets herself on righting an ancient wrong woven into the foundations of the 8 Courts. The books will be titled:

Volume IV: Overture of Destiny

Volume V: Aria of Truth

Volume VI: Cadenza of Hope
Category: Books : Song of the Multiverse : 
Author: Brett Baker (12:20 pm)
Volumes II and III; "Allegro of War" and " Coda of Ascendence" have been completed, with Vol II totalling 270 pages, and Coda of Ascendence totalling 224 at this point. Now comes the long process of editing, but I have to say, I am very proud of this story and these characters. I hope that this story will not only be entertaining, but have some emotional impact and maybe even be a little thought-provoking, and if people like it, there are the seeds of a second trilogy with Lexi as the main character written into Volume III.

I hope it will be as much fun for all of you to read as it was for me to write!
Category: Books : Song of the Multiverse : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:55 am)
I just finished the first draft of "Adagio of Awakening" and it is 172 pages of awesome. I will be putting a few snippets from the book up here soon so that you can see for yourself.

Now on to work on Volume II: "Allegro of War."

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