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Category: Other Stuff : 
Author: Brett Baker (12:43 pm)

Click Here to read for yourself.
Category: Books : 
Author: Brett Baker (1:46 pm)
You know the old saying, it never rains but it pours? Well that's kind of what the writing life can be like. You can go months without an idea, and then suddenly you wake up one morning, or you watch something on tv, or in my case, play something in a video game (because I am an avid MMO Gamer) and suddenly you have an idea. The Freeworlds Chronicles was inspired by a number of different things: Star Wars (of course, I didn't try to hide elements of my book which were based off of the Saga, in fact, I wanted them to be obvious as tributes to the sci-fi mega-epic that inspired my childhood.) The Bruce Timm cartoons Justice League and Legion of Superheroes, and the MMO game City of Heroes. All gave me ideas to craft the series.

But sometimes, you can get too much inspiration at once, which is kind of what is happening to me right now. Truth be told, I'm not satisfied with The Freeworld Chronicles as they stand at present. I rushed them to print. It was a rookie mistake. My friend Jessi Manthei was kind enough to edit them, but there were still a number of errors that got through, and I didn't have enough people read them and give me feedback prior to publishing, so I am in the process of going back and cleaning them up. In addition, I am also working on establishing my own independent publishing label. You will see this website re-branded to that once it is established, AND I am working on two other projects, a sci-fi set in the 23rd century, and a Samurai-themed sci-fantasy novel and accompanying RPG game.

So when I take stock of all there is to do, I feel a little overhwelmed by it, but it's all a labor of love for me, because a writer is what I am, and all I ever wanted to be. I know that some of you who read the Freeworlds Chronicles might have been disappointed with the writing, but I want to assure you that I intend to learn from my mistakes and become a better writer for them. If you enjoyed the story, or Abby, or any of the other characters, I hope you might give them another read in the future, once I have completed the re-write, and also keep an eye out for my future titles.

As Stan Lee would say, Excelsior!
Category: Other Stuff : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:04 am)
My longtime friend James Vincett has just published his first book titled "The Anuvi Incident." It is a Sci-Fi set in the Third Millennium focusing on characters in the Hominin Union.

You should definitely give it a read:

Category: Other Stuff : 
Author: Brett Baker (9:57 am)
So for the past several weeks I have been working on a new book that is not part of The Freeworlds Chronicles. I am now working on writing on the last chapter. But I learned my lesson with the Freeworlds Chronicles and will be taking my time with the proofing this time.

So with the new project, I wil be redesigning the website as it comes closer to the time for it to come out. Hope you all give it a read!
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:31 am)
The Initiate's Curcible will be going on sale on Amaxon for only $.99 starting July 15th at midnight, and running until midnight July 22.

Get your copy by clicking here.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (12:12 pm)
Starting Sat, May 3 and running through May 10, The Kindle Edition of The Freeworlds Chronicles Vol. IV: Riddle of the Ancients goes on sale for only $0.99 on Amazon. You can get your copy be clicking here.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (12:21 pm)
Sorry, the Curse of the Corruptor promotion on Amazon starts at midnight the 22nd, not midnight the 21st. My mistake. You can purchase your copy by clicking here.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:32 am)
Starting tonight at midnight, and running through April 28, the Kindle Edition of The Freeworlds Chronicles, Volume III: Curse of the Corruptor goes on sale on Amazon for only $0.99! Don't miss out on getting your copy. You can purchase it by clicking here.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (10:18 am)
Starting today, and running through April 12, Master of Oceania, Kindle Edition will be on sale for only $.99. You can get your copy by clicking here.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (6:27 pm)
The deals keep coming in April! Starting April 5th, Master of Oceania Kindle Edition will be only $.99! That's a 66% savings!

Also don't forget to get your free copy of Initiate's Crucible Kindle Edition through tomorrow. You can get it by clicking here.

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