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Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (10:46 pm)
I just finished writing on Volume III (finally!) Now to celebrate by eating something bad for me!
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (1:05 am)
A tentative release date of October 1 has been set for "The Initiate's Crucible." I'm shipping the book out to a friend for a final proof, and once that is done, I will be posting it on the Kindle store. Stay tuned!
Category: Other Stuff : 
Author: Brett Baker (1:20 pm)
Check out this awesome fan-made Star Wars anime! If I had an animation studio, I would hire this guy!

Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (7:50 pm)
Volume I: "The Initiate's Crucible" will likely be out earlier than the original date I announced (November 8), I'm looking at some time more like October, as I won't be submitting immediately for a book review as I had planned, and I also want to take more time on the proofreading. The book review will still be coming by the end of the year, of course.

I'm also considering printing a limited number of hardbacked copies of Volume I at some point next year. I'll be giving a few to family and friends as gifts, but I'll probably have a very small number left over for sale afterward, if anybody is interested. I'll post more on that later.

Volume II: "Master of Oceania," will be next, and I plan to release it in spring 2013.

Writing on Volume III: "Curse of the Corrupter" is going slow right now, as I find my inspiration coming in much shorter spurts these days, but it's still going into the homestretch. The current storyline is starting to escalate now toward it's conclusion.

Volume IV will be called "Riddle of the Ancients." There may or may not be a Volume V in this current storyline. It depends on how things move while I'm writing Volume IV. But there will be another two to three books that will follow in a new storyline set three years later.

I will post again when I have a final release date for Volume I. Hope you all like it!
Category: Other Stuff : 
Author: Brett Baker (3:50 pm)
UCLA plays the Nebraska Cornhuskers this coming week. People who know me know I'm a big fan of UCLA football, and have been pretty much my entire life.

So the Nebraska game is the big out-of-conference game for the Bruins this year. I'm looking forward to it, and hoping that this Bruins squad does better than they have in past years. But with Brett Hundley and Jonathan Franklin leading the offense, I think they might actually have a chance to be in the game, so.... go Bruins!

Fox Sports Game Tracker
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (8:30 pm)
From Chapter 2, Abby encounters her greatest enemy yet.... breakfast!

Abby woke to Master Idor banging at her door.
“Wake up Abby. Breakfast will be served in five minutes.” Master Idor said from the other side of the door.
“Okay,” Abby said groggily. Then she turned over in her bunk and went back to sleep.
Five minutes later, the door slid open as Master Idor stalked into the room fully dressed, and yanked the covers off her.
“No,” Abby moaned. “Five more minutes.”
“Five more minutes,” Master Idor repeated in exasperation. Then, a mischievous smile spread across his face and his eyes narrowed. Reaching his hand out toward her, he telekinetically lifted her still slumbering form out of the bed, and then dropped her suddenly, and she fell back onto the bunk with a thud.
“Hey!” Abby shouted, pitching forward into a sitting position, “You can’t do that to a girl! This is a lady’s room! Your so rude!”
“Your not a girl, Abby, and your not a lady,” Master Idor said as he grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her out of bed. “You’re my apprentice, and we have a very busy day in front of us, so we don’t have time for any games! Now get out there and eat your breakfast!”
“Hmph!” Abby replied as she thrust her chin out defiantly while she shuffled out into the galley still in her bedclothes and her hair pointing in three different directions at once. She sat down in front of a bowl of something that resembled the consistency of porridge, and arched her eyebrow.
“What is this stuff?” Abby asked as she looked at her breakfast, her distrust etched visibly on her face.
“After the academy, I studied with Master Thalen on Telor. What you hold in your hands is the most perfectly energizing and nutritious breakfast in the known galaxy: Telorin Gruel.”
“Does it taste as bad as it sounds?” Abby asked, lifting the spoon out of the gruel and overturning it. Abby’s face scrunched with disgust as it fell out of the spoon in thick glops.
“No,” Master Idor replied shaking his head.
Abby Braved a taste, and instantly spat it back out, her tongue hanging out of her mouth as if it had been horribly betrayed.
“It actually tastes much worse,” Master Idor explained.
“Blark!” Abby exclaimed at a level of volume that was just shy of a full out scream. “That has to be the worst thing I have ever tasted!!!”
“Eat it anyway,” Master Idor replied. “You’ll thank me later when you feel energized and refreshed.”
“Do I have to?” Abby protested.
“Yes,” Master Idor replied. “It’s either that or go hungry.”
Abby tried to shovel in a second spoonful then immediately spat it back out. “It’s like eating sweaty feet! I think I would rather go hungry!”
“Suit yourself,” Master Idor said taking the bowl from her. “Go get dressed. And if I catch you back in your bunk, I’m going to hang you by your toes over the edge of the building until you cry. Do you understand?”
Abby scrunched up her face and stuck her tongue out at him, then shuffled into her cabin.
Master Idor watched her go, then curiosity got hold of him, and he tasted the Telorin Gruel. His face blanched in disgust.
“She’s right. It does taste like feet,” he said, dropping the spoon into the bowl.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (10:40 am)
Proofreading on Volume I: "The Initiate's Crucible" is proceeding. A couple more sweeps and it should be ready. The front cover is completed, and the back cover is nearly complete. The only thing holding that up is getting a good quote. I will be submitting the book to freeonlinebookreviews.com once it is complete and fully in Kindle's format, but then there will be a 6 to 8 week wait for the review to be done. Once it's completed I will post the book for sale in the Kindle store, which gives "The Initiate's Crucible" a preliminary release date of November 8, 2012, if all goes according to plan.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (1:30 pm)
From Chapter seven of "The Initiate's Crucible," Abby and Qaeli travel to the heart of the Cauldron of Melandros to find the Oracle Stone:

Abby pressed on the doors, and they slid open with a rumble. Within was a great hall, lined with columns on either side all the way to the back of the room. As they proceeded, they spied a raised dais carved into the stone at the far end of the chamber, and on it was a stone casket. Ascending the steps onto the dais, they saw that the casket had the image of the Oracle carved into it, and apparently, she had been a beautiful woman, with high cheekbones, and smoldering eyes, which stared up to the ceiling. Her hands were placed upon her chest, palms facing inward toward one another forming a sort of cup, and resting in them was a glowing green stone.
“They must have buried her here,” Abby said.
“This is some resting place,” Qaeli replied, “inside an active volcano. But somehow the Oracle being buried in the heart of the Cauldron of Melandros doesn’t fit.”
Abby reached out, and taking the stone from its resting place, she held it between her gauntleted index finger and thumb as she looked deep into it’s depths. But nothing seemed to happen.
“Okay, we have the Oracle Stone,” Abby said. “Now what?”
“I have to say, I was expecting more,” Qaeli added. “Dancing lights and heavenly music, or at least some sparkles or something. Maybe Ganis can tell us what to do with it now that we have it?”
“Or maybe this isn’t the actual stone.” Abby said, her eyes growing wide as they shot down to the casket.
“What do you mean?”
“You said it yourself,” Abby explained, tossing the glowing green stone to her companion. “The Oracle being buried here in the heart of the Cauldron doesn’t fit. This isn’t her casket, look there’s no seam where the casket was closed; it’s one solid carving like a statue! This is the Oracle Stone!”
“Great,” Qaeli replied, looking at the green stone as it rested in her hand. “So again we must ask the question: now what?”
“Ganis said this stone contains the Oracle’s memories, her knowledge, her wisdom and her prophetic essence,” Abby said, removing her computer gauntlets. “It’s like a telepathic repository which she literally poured herself into.”
Abby placed her hands on the cold smooth stone, over the Oracle’s temples on either side. “I’m guessing that to pull that out, I have to contact it telepathically, like I would contact the Oracle if she was still alive.”
Abby closed her eyes and concentrated, and Qaeli’s eyes grew wide as the eyes of the Oracle Stone began to glow with divine power.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (12:00 pm)
By now, you have probably seen the new front cover on the home page. I was originally unsure whether I wanted to use this one, or develop another option, and I went to my Facebook friends for feedback, but I got nothing from them. I don't think they're very enthusiastic about my book to be honest, but that's okay.

Anyway, if anybody has any feedback for me on the cover, I would love to hear it! But you will have to register to leave a comment. Unfortunately, restricting comments to site members is the best way I can think of to keep out the spammers and the trolls.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (5:14 am)
Just finished up Chapter 3 of Volume III. It is looking like this is going to be a really dark, gritty, desparate struggle for Abby fought on an ancient and sinister battleground. I'm fairly pleased with how it's shaping up so far, and I can't wait to get Volumes I and II onto the Kindle Store so you guys can read them!

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