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Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (6:50 pm)
From chapter five of "The Initiate's Crucible," Abby Ashford confronts the Doomsayer army at Qi-Yaram bridge:

Two men remaining…. Abby looked at the bridge, and she knew she had no other choice…..
Reemerging from the tree line, she walked out onto the bridge, and came to face her remaining soldiers.
“General Ilua will have marched from Qualthas by now.” Abby instructed. “Take the transport, ride back and find her. Tell her that the defense of the bridge has fallen to me, and me alone.”
“We will fight with you!” the soldiers offered.
“No” Abby replied, shaking her head. “If Qualthas is to be saved, then General Ilua has to know to hurry. Now go!”
The two men nodded, and then retreated from the bridge to the treeline where the transport waited. Then Abby stood and faced Xanthas and his army.
Xanthas walked forward, stopping just at the mouth of the bridge. “Do you yield?” he asked smugly.
“No,” Abby replied, her aetherial saber appearing in her hand, “I command this bridge. You may not pass.”

“Don’t be foolish!” Xanthas shouted. “You are just one girl! Do you think you can stop an entire army? You have already provided a spirited defense. If you surrender the bridge to me now, I promise you a quick death.”
“You're not crossing this bridge, and neither is your army,” Abby replied, her eyes burning into the Doomsayer leader. “No threat, or bargain that you think you can strike with me, or any amount of soldiers that you send to kill me will change that.”

Xanthas turned, his red cape billowing behind him as he marched angrily back to his ranks. “Kill her!” he raged to a Doomsayer captain, “Kill her and bring me her body!”
The Doomsayer captain drew his vibrosword, and marched onto the bridge to meet Abby. He was a tall, broad-shouldered Menton wearing black plasteel armor. He looked at Abby with dark eyes that were cold and remorseless as the deepest depths of the sea. And as Abby locked onto his gaze, she saw a soul devoid of any warmth or compassion.
Then suddenly, he roared and brought his vibrosword crashing down toward her. Springing into action, Abby sidestepped the blow and pivoted on her heel, spinning around him, and then with a sharp thrust of her saber into his back, she impaled him on her blade….
“Urk!” he cried as he hung there limply, suspended for a long moment on cold steel for all to see. Then with her foot, Abby slid him off her weapon….
And she turned, and looked Xanthas in the eye, and began to pace back and forth across the bridge, eyes fixed on him like some stalking panther backed up against a wall, waiting for it’s enemy to come into the reach of it’s claws.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (6:10 pm)
I have begun writing on "The Freeworlds Chronicles, Volume III: Curse of the Corrupter." Granted, I'm still only a few pages into it, but I think this book has the potential to be the best one so far. Right now, I am basically in the midst of scripting a fight in the Prologue. Fights are always fun, but they can also be challenging to make entertaining and unique from one another, especially when you have as many fights in your books as I do.

I've also got to design the front and back covers for "The Initiate's Crucible." While I must say that I really appreciate Amazon and Apple cutting out the publisher as a middle-man, not having to worry about things like marketing and cover design must be pretty nice. Lucky for me I have a background in Illustration and design, so I don't think coming up with a cover will be too difficult, but still, being able to concentrate my efforts on writing would be sweet too.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (4:40 pm)
So I've spent the last several weeks reworking my website, redesigning it, adding this blog, adding artwork and the like. By now your probably sick of me talking about my book, but I'm going to talk more about it anyway, because it's my site, and I can. And nobody is twisting your arm and forcing you to read this -- unless somebody actually is twisting your arm and forcing you to read this in which case, I'm sorry.

So the Freeworlds Chronicles center around the adventures of Abby Ashford, a young psion in training, who essentially gets herself booted out of the Psion Academy, and booted right into apprenticeship with Master Jax Idor. They're sent by the Psion Council to handle a dangerous situation on a planet called Mentallos -- homeworld to the Mentons -- a highly religious and somewhat combative people. Abby faces a number of dangers while she is there, and prevails in the end (of course she prevails in the end, otherwise there wouldn't be a volume II.)

Volume I is "The Initiate's Crucible," centering on her adventures on Mentallos. The writing on it has been completed for about 5 weeks now, and it is curently being proofread by some friends while I work on whipping this website into shape, and designing the front and back covers. Volume II is called "Master of Oceania." To answer two of your obvious questions, yes Oceania is a planet, and no, I'm not going to tell you anymore about Volume II before you've even read Volume I. Suffice it to say that writing on "Master of Oceania" concluded last week, and I am doing an initial proof on it presently. Volume III will be called "Curse of the Corrupter," and I'm hoping to start writing on it very soon. There will be at least 5 books, but I am toying with the idea of as many as thee more depending on how things go.

"The Initiate's Crucible" will be available on the Amazon Kindle Store in e-book format this fall, and I am looking at also getting it on the Apple Store shortly after. I hope you enjoy it!

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