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Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (1:18 pm)
I am proud to announce that "The Freeworlds Chronicles, Vol II: Master of Oceania" has been re-released. Currently it is available in paperback on CreateSpace and Amazon. In the next few days it will also become available in paperback on Barnes & Noble, and in Kindle format on Amazon.

Paperback Format (Amazon)
Paperback Format (CreateSpace)
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (8:20 pm)
Character Concept art for the Freeworld Chronicles. First is Qaeli, the erstwhile companion. Don't let her lack of hair or her complexion worry you, she's a Menton. They all look like that. Qaeli enjoys netjumping, an illegal activity, analogous to hacking, and she dislikes vegetarian cuisine.

Next is Master Jax Idor, the mentor. Always seemingly running short on patience, one wouldn't think he would have to remind anybody that he's not running a wayward house for girls. Nonetheless, Master Idor is a capable teacher, and provides a stabilizing influence.

And finally, our protagonist, Abby Ashford. Abby grows throughout the series from a brash, playful, pouty teen to a servant of the divine will. But no matter how far she has come, she still cannot stand Telorin gruel.

Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:26 pm)
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:53 am)
Starting Sunday, July 9, and running through July 13, "The Initiate's Crucible" will be free on amazon.com as part of a free book promotion. I need reviews on Amazon. Verified purchase reviews are like gold to indy authors like myself. If anybody would be willing to purchase the book for free from Amazon and leave me a review, you would really be helping me out. Also, please do not feel obligated or pressured to leave me a good review. An honest review of what you think of the book is more than enough. Thanks for your support!

You can purchase it here!
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (9:09 pm)
Starting on March 23rd at 8am Pacific Time, The Initiate's Crucible will be on sale on Amazon for only $0.99 running through Midnight on March 30th. Don't miss out on a great story. Make sure to get your copy here.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (1:51 pm)
Starting at midnight tonight (not sure which timezone, Pacific I think?) the 2nd Edition of "The Initiate's Crucible" will be free for download on Amazon, running through midnight December 13th. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Hannukah!

You can download it here.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:45 am)
The revised 2nd Edition of "The Initiate's Crucible" has been released in both paperback and ebook formats. To celebrate the realease the ebook version of the book will be going on sale for just $0.99 (67% off the regular price of $2.99) starting at midnight and running through December 14th. Might make a nice virtual stocking stuffer for that Sci-Fi fan in your family.
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (3:00 pm)
Lately, as I have been working on my rewrite of The Freeworlds Chronicles I have been reflecting on the road I took to get here, and I have also been feeling the urge to share that road with you, my readers.

I always wanted to create. I began drawing at a very young age, and I never stopped. To this day, I still draw, but writing was different. I didn't really feel the urge to write until I was 11. I wrote this short story about a test pilot, who crashed his prototype fighter jet in the jungle, and had to survive. Now keep in mind, I was 11 at the time, so if that story ever surfaces I will cry tears of embarrassment, because I'm sure that my wordcraft was hideous. But the desire to tell a story and record it for others to read was there. I wrote another story at 13 for English class in Junior High School. I'm sure this was also awful. But to my recollection I didn't really write much after that until I was 19, when after watching a particularly unimpressive episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I said aloud that "I could have written a better episode than that!" Then Lee Kelley, who was sitting across the room from me replied "Well, why don't you?"

That got me thinking, and shortly after, I set out to write my first epic saga: the story of a red-headed wild-elf who burned with the desire for revenge against the emperor who'd had her tribe slaughtered. It was bloody awful. I had graduated High School, passed all my English classes, and still had little concept for basic grammar, let alone the writing process. Thanks public school system!

But even still there was Justus Richards, who was a never-ending well of encouragement for me. At his urging I kept writing when I wanted to quit. And I worked on project after project for the next decade until at age 29, I finally had something in my hands that I felt I could offer to a publisher: a story of gods living disguised as ordinary people and fighting a secret war in modern-day society. however, real-life circumstances forced me to shift my focus away from writing for awhile, and that project fell to the wayside, and still languishes unpublished to this very day.

Then at age 35, I got this idea for the Septastrum - an ancient relic, broken into seven parts that when assembled gave it's wielder godlike power. I toyed with different incarnations of this story for the next seven years, and even considered making it an online webcomic, a cartoon, and an MMORPG. But in 2012, I watched a documentary on Netflix called The People v. George Lucas and it rekindled my love for the Star Wars Universe. I set out to make my own Star Wars, came up with a main character, whom I named Abby Ashford, and a master who was an alien named Jax Idor, put them in a Jedi-like order, which I named the Galactic Psi-Corps, and then created a world with a problem for them to solve. Voila! You have the Initiate's Crucible. But with the Initiate's Crucible I hadn't even begun to tell the story I really wanted to tell: The story of Abby's pursuit of the Septastrum. So you have the trilogy that follows: Master of Oceania, Curse of the Corruptor, and Riddle of the Ancients. But this Septastrum storyline and Star Wars were not my only influences. The Oracles of Anai were heavily inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender, as was the Divinity Effect. Originally I never intended for Master Idor to die, but I think for Abby to grow as a character as quickly as she had to he needed to be out of the picture. Besides, isn't the story of two planet-hopping teenage girls saving the Multiverse with no supervision, and getting into and out of trouble fun and compelling?

But in my excitement, I pushed the books out to publication too fast. The stories were mostly there but not fully developed, and there were errors. It was a rookie mistake. So while I am working on this second edition, I will be pushing back the release of my other book Project Prometheus to focus on this. As each book is ready for re-release I will announce it on Twitter. The books will be available in print on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, and other online retailers. In ebook format they will be available exclusively on Amazon. If at some point in the future there is enough interest I may explore branching out to offering the ebook through iTunes as well but for now if you want to read the Freeworlds Chronicles, you will need the Kindle App. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have purchased the first edition of the books, the second edition will be pushed out to you through Amazon at no charge.

I hope you will enjoy reading or even re-reading the books, and I hope you are entertained by Abby, Qaeli, and the Freeworlds Chronicles Multiverse.

Stay tuned, and as Stan Lee would say, Excelsior!
Category: Books : Freeworlds Chronicles : 
Author: Brett Baker (11:31 am)
The Initiate's Curcible will be going on sale on Amaxon for only $.99 starting July 15th at midnight, and running until midnight July 22.

Get your copy by clicking here.

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