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Freeworlds Chronicles RPG coming soon!
Author: Brett Baker (12:12 am)
So since re-releasing Master of Oceania, I have been working on something a little different for a change of pace. I am developing a Tabletop RPG for my Freeworlds Chronicles setting. I am developing a common RPG System which I plan to develop RPGs for all my settings with The Freeworld Chronicles being the first. I call it the IIdX Roleplaying System. You can make a human, a menton, a coriolan, or any of a number of other races, make a psion, a soldier, an explorer or any number of other classes. I'm making pretty good progress on it at this time, although it will need to be proofread and playtested before release, and in October, I plan to begin proofing "Song of the Multiverse Vol I: Adagio of Awakening" for release, and that will take precedence, assuming I am not done with the game by then. So stay tuned. I expect it will be out by the end of the year.
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