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Adagio of Awakening Teaser Scene II
Author: Brett Baker (12:21 am)
Another excerpt from Song of the Multiverse, Vol 1. From Chapter 1 when Rin experiences the music of the multiverse for the first time:

Rin gradually became aware of the sensation of weightlessness. She floated on soft winds, with no ground below her, and nothing but shifting blues, greens, and purples to be seen in every direction. As if representing the passage from day to night to day again, the colors seemed to oscillate back and forth between lighter hues, and darker shades. And then she became aware of the music; the music that had been there the entire time, like a child hiding, playfully waiting to reveal itself. In a rising crescendo, the joyous, rapturous orchestral fanfare filled her soul full to brimming over.

And she became aware of a new melody as her own soul responded with its own music. The two songs soared and intertwined like a rising duet coiling around one another. She listened and heard her own voice responding as it joined with a countless chorus of voices singing together as one in this orchestral magnum opus of infinite proportions.

Then the chorus slowly faded, and the colors grew dark as they yielded to blackness while the music fell silent. Rin’s eyes slowly opened. She was awake; sleep still lingering in her tired, heavy eyes. She was in the bedroom of Watanabe’s safehouse. Lexi’s side of the bed was empty, but she sat nearby on a chair, scrolling through a list of search results on a holomenu that hovered before her.

“What time is it?” Rin asked sleepily. A holomenu appeared, displaying that it was 5:37 am. “Lexi?” Rin began, “What are you doing?”

“Searching for information on this Watanabe” Lexi replied as she continued to scroll past public profiles in the citizen database.

“Why?” Rin asked.

“I don’t trust him” Lexi replied. “Do you?”

“He seems to want to help us,” Rin answered. “And he hasn’t really given us any reason not to trust him.”

“There’s something he’s not telling us,” Lexi said. “I can feel it!”

“It’s late” Rin began. “Come back to bed.”

“Ah-ha!” Lexi exclaimed suddenly. “I’ve found him!” Lexi rotated the holomenu so Rin could see as a public profile expanded. It was certainly the same man.

“Kenjiro Watanabe” Lexi read aloud. “Born 2033. It says he works downtown. 410 Michigan Ave., Suite 133D.

“What are you going to do?” Rin asked.

“Get dressed,” Lexi replied. “We are going to go pay a visit to Watanabe’s office.”
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