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Adagio of Awakening Teaser Scene I
Author: Brett Baker (1:06 am)
From Chapter II, Rin and Watanabe discuss what Rin has been hearing:

While Lexi settled in to sleep, Rin went out on the rooftop of the building to listen.

She could again hear that symphonic chorus transposed over the sounds of the city. Finding a spot to settle in, she soaked the music in and let it fill her. Rin didn’t understand the significance of the music. She just knew she wanted more of it.

But she wasn’t there long before Watanabe appeared. “What are you doing up here?” he asked.

“Listening” Rin replied.

“You’re hearing that music again?” Watanabe offered as he settled down on his haunches next to her, and listened.

Rin nodded wordlessly.

“Have you ever heard it?” Rin asked finally.

Watanabe shook his head.

“What does it mean?” Rin asked. “That I can hear it but nobody else can?”

“I don’t know for sure,” Watanabe replied. “But I think it indicates that you share a very powerful connection to the multiverse.”

“What do you mean?” Rin asked.

“Most theorists like to believe that the universes of the multiverse are like bubbles in a drink, all coexisting at once. But that’s because those of us who have actually traversed the multiverse are few and we’re not a very chatty group. Earth is the central nexus of the multiverse. I don’t understand why it is, it just is. I believe all universes coexist in the same location, they just vibrate at different frequencies, kind of like the strings of a violin. Those vibrations rise, crescendoing to forte, and fall to piano in turn, together forming a harmony and a melody in the celestial symphony of existence. That, my dear, is what you are hearing; somehow you have tapped into the multiverse in its purest, most primal form.”

“But if you’ve never heard it, how do you know?” Rin asked.

“There are stories of a very select few who have heard the music. Special people who gained wisdom and insights beyond imagining, just from listening.”

They fell silent as they listened again, and Rin’s consciousness danced on the gentle lilting notes of the multiverse’s song.

“I’m scared” she finally admitted.

“Scared of what?” Watanabe asked in reply.

“Scared that the music will go away, and I won’t be able to hear it anymore.”

Watanabe smiled and he got to his feet. “I don’t think continuing to hear will be your challenge, Rin. The challenge will be understanding what you hear. I’m going inside now. Try to get some rest. We have a busy night ahead of us.”
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